Auto Body / Repair Shops

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Our insurance programs offer a variety of coverage for auto body and repair shops from single to multiple-location operations.

Auto Service shops because of its bailee relationship when taking possession (care, custody and control) of the customer’s autos may be responsible for damages to those autos. Also, there are many customers coming into their premises creating the risk of slips and falls. A fire at night in your shop destroys several customer’s autos, your tools, office equipment and auto parts. One customer’s vehicle is stolen from your shop overnight. A burglary caused theft of property and vandalism to your customer’s vehicles resulting in thousands of dollars in losses.

While testing a customer’s auto, your employee causes an accident with damages to both cars while also injuring a pedestrian. The hydraulic auto lift in your shop fails causing severe head injuries to one your employees. Those are just some examples of the typical risks faced by auto body and auto service shops. If those exposures are not adequately covered, unforeseen and unintended accidents may put your business in an unwanted situation.


  • Several “A” AM Best Rated Carriers
  • Competitive pricing
  • Discounts available for preferred established businesses
  • No prior insurance coverage is OK
  • New Ventures OK
  • Multi-Location Operations are welcomed

Eligible classes

All Auto Body and Auto Repair Shops are considered including those as part of the following operations:

  • Auto Dealers (Non-Franchised)
  • Large Trucks Dealers
  • Large Trucks and Tractors Repairs
  • Motorcycle Dealers and Repair
  • Auto Alarm Installation
  • Oil & Lube Shops
  • Tire Shops
  • Tune-up Shops
  • Window tinting
  • Engine and Transmission Shops
  • Brake Shops
  • Mobile Auto Repair

Available Coverage

  • Commercial General Liability
  • Garage Liability
  • Garagekeepers
  • Building, Contents and Equipment
  • Business Income
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Loss Prevention and Control Services are available to our clients

If your business is an Auto Body, Auto Repair or related operation and need a professional evaluation of your insurance exposures, contact us, fill out our free request a quote form on this page today or call us at 323-771-0777. We will be happy to hear your situation and recommend the appropriate insurance solutions available from our “A” AM Best rated insurance carriers for your car wash operation.

We look forward working with you.