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Solutions Specialty Insurance Brokers specializes in insurance for your Car Wash and Detailing operation

Car wash businesses with great locations, customer service and high traffic can be extremely profitable. The full-service car washes that also offer auto detailing and other additional services can benefit from additional revenue and repetitive customers. However, car washes also present risks and exposures that should be correctly identified by your insurance professional. The high turnover of vehicles, work performed on the customer’s vehicles and other incidental operations make this a unique business exposed to different types of accidents.

There is the risk of fall (or trip) and slip, customer’s vehicles being damaged while serviced, injury to customers, visitors and employees, damage to your equipment and property caused by fire and other situations. If not adequately insured, these accidents can leave your business unprotected resulting in negative consequences that include damage to your business image and reputation, loss of customers and revenue, legal fees and other unwanted expenses.

While the Commercial General Liability (CGL) policy is the best-known policy for business owners, it may not provide the best protection to a car wash business. The Commercial General Liability can defend you against most slip (or trip) and fall injuries to customers and other bodily injuries, there are important exclusions on that policy that may leave you unprotected. A standard Commercial General Liability (CGL) does not protect you for any damage caused by, or to your customer’s vehicles. The reason is due to the exclusion of any liability arising out of the use of an “auto” and any damage to property (auto) in your care, custody and control. We have assisted many Car Wash businesses to insure them against those exposures that are common to a car wash operation by adding Garage Liability, Garagekeepers, Workers’ Compensation and other coverage.

We can customize our insurance programs to the needs of each car wash business and protect against claims to the customer’s vehicles, injuries at the business locations, damage to exterior signs, machinery, equipment and other property. We can also include business income in the event your business must temporarily close due to a covered accident. Full-service car washes are labor intensive and heavily regulated in most states, an appropriate Workers’ Compensation insurance policy is not only required but very important component of your overall insurance strategy.

Rating Factors and how price is calculated

Car washes covered under Garage policies are rated primarily in the number of employees, the type of operation and the limits and type of insurance coverage you choose. Some of the information contained in our applications that determine the final price includes:

– Complete description of the car wash operation.

– Additional services offered such as oil/lube, auto painting, window tinting, alarm or stereo system installation.

– Total number of employees: full time and part time

– Driver’s information. How are their driving records?

– Maximum value of any one vehicle.

– Maximum number of vehicles at any one location

– If you want to insure your building, equipment and other content, the total values will be required. How are the key handled in your business, who has access to them?

These are some of the initial questions we ask to evaluate any new car wash operation adequately and suggest coverage.


  • “A” Rated Carriers
  • Competitive pricing
  • No prior insurance OK
  • New Ventures OK
  • Multi-Location Operations are welcomed

Eligible classes

  • Full Service Car Wash
  • Self-Service Car Wash

Available Coverage

  • Commercial General Liability coverage with limits up to $2,000,000 per occurrence
  • Garage Liability for auto related coverage
  • Garagekeepers for damages to your customer’s vehicles
  • Building, Contents and Equipment
  • Business Income and Extra Expense
  • Workers’ Compensation for injuries your employees may sustain at work.
  • Car Wash Surety Bonds

If you are in the Car Wash business and need to discuss your insurance needs, contact us, fill out our free request a quote form on this page today or call us at 323-771-0777. We will be happy to hear your situation and recommend the appropriate insurance solutions available from our “A” AM Best rated insurance carriers for your car wash operation.