Parking & Valet Operations

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When the valet attendant receives the keys, they are responsible for damages caused by and to their customer’s vehicles. Solutions Specialty Insurance Brokers has “A” rated insurance carriers to provide a comprehensive insurance program.

When the keys are handed to the valet attendant by a customer, a bailee relationship is created (care, custody and control) of the customer’s vehicles and the valet operator may be responsible for any resulting damage or injury. The valet attendant forgets to close the vehicle’s door, another vehicle being parked hits the door causing severe damages. A customer slips and falls while walking on an oil spill on the lot controlled by the parking operator. The valet attendant inadvertently left the keys inside the customer’s vehicle and parked it near the entrance from where it was stolen during business hours. A valet attendant unfamiliar with a new model vehicle, abruptly hits the gas pedal causing the vehicle to speed out of control, injuring other pedestrians in the area.

Those are just some examples of the typical risks faced by parking operators. Damages to the vehicles and injuries because of the fast-paced environment of the business can affect the success of any parking operation if not properly covered. Our insurance programs can help you the coverage your parking operation needs.


  • Several “A” AM Best Rated Carriers
  • Discounts available for preferred established businesses
  • New Ventures OK
  • Multi-Location Operations are welcomed
  • Loss Control Services available

Eligible classes

  • Valet parking operation
  • Self-parking operation
  • Mixed self and valet parking operations
  • Valet with special events (subject to approval of event)

What coverage are available?

  • Commercial General Liability coverage with limits up to $2,000,000 per occurrence
  • Garage Liability for auto related coverage
  • Garagekeepers coverage for damages to your customer’s vehicles
  • Building, Contents, Equipment & Tools
  • Business Income coverage for the actual loss of business income due to suspension of operations
  • Workers’ Compensation for injuries your employees may sustain at work
  • Employment Practice Liability Insurance (EPLI) to cover claims of discrimination, wrongful termination and others brought against you by your current or former employees
  • Parking Lot and Parking Occupancy Tax Collection Surety Bonds

If you are a valet or self-parking operator and need a professional evaluation of your insurance exposures, contact us, fill out our free request a quote form on this page today or call us at 323-771-0777. We will be happy to hear your situation and recommend the appropriate insurance solutions available from our “A” AM Best rated insurance carriers.